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About Us

We began our sectoral adventure in 2000 in order to carry out outdoor advertising better than anyone else and to draw the interest and attention of the city to your brand.


We have always introduced our advertising world, in which we serve, to cutting-edge technologies and the newest products. Thanks to the superior technology and high-quality materials we use, we have contributed to the fact that our customers, who have preferred us, have been more successful than their competitors.


At the end of the 18 years that we left behind, we had more equipped, experienced, and expert staff. We applied those designs which were mighty in terms of the market on very large surfaces, with highest-quality production, and in the shortest period of time. These works have made us one of the brands which come to mind first in our sector. With the tools, equipment, machines, materials, and application possibilities we have today, we are able to provide the same service quality without any problems and on time not only in the Aegean Region but also at every point in our country.


With our 18-year experience, rich machine park that spreads over an area of 3,000 m2, and 35 expert staff members, who have proved themselves, we look at the future more hopefully and we produce the highest-quality products and provide the rightest service for your brand.


We provide our customers with flawless services thanks to the supply of raw materials and materials at the standard in conformity with ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems with the power we get from our solution partners ( supplying firms ) and under the guarantee of our membership to the ARED (Sign Association of Turkey).

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Our Customer Policies
Our Staff Policy
Our Environmental Policy
Our Service Policy

We evaluate every project we include in our production pool as well as the needs and requirements of our customers with great care, combine all the conclusions we have drawn in the same pool of advantages, plan the process, and proceed with production and application.


Our employees are the greatest assets we have. Considering this principle, we take the preventive measures which will eliminate the risks of occupational accidents and diseases likely to occur at the stages of production and assembly from the very beginning. Outbomb aims to become a firm which grows with the ideas and views of its employees as much as with their physical efforts.



Outbomb adopts an environmentalist understanding in order for our planet to be a clean and livable place. In line with this understanding:  

  • •    We use raw material and energy resources correctly and economically.
  • •    We decompose wastes, thereby contributing to recycling.
  • •    We perform our production with minimum wastage.
  • •    We expect our employees to act with environmental consciousness not only at the working sites of Outbomb but also wherever they live and we want this to become part of their lives.


As Outbomb, we aim at ethical trade, unconditional customer satisfaction, credibility, stability, high-quality products and workmanship, on-time and full delivery of work, and working with strong teams at all times.

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Project Management


In all projects we undertake, we perform the project exploration and determination studies with great care regardless of their sizes, determine the optimum materials for the purpose of the product and according to the conditions of the area where they will be applied, and define the selection of raw materials according to these variables.  


Following the stages of R & D, exploration, and determination, we project the product which fully meets the demands of the customer and perform production with economical and reliable materials and professional workmanship.


The delivery and application of a project on the specified date are the primary corporate priorities for IAR. (İzmir Açıkhava Reklam)


We provide our customers with service and maintenance services whenever they need or at routine intervals in all fields we serve.

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“ We do our best in outdoor advertising, in every stage of production, when we have and with our production power. ”