İzmir Açıkhava Reklam

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Parapet, Bill Board, Subway, CLP, Pano, Wall..

Printing Solutions

With our state of the art technology product printing machine parkour..


Generally a form of an advertisement consisting of box cassettes placed on high and thick steel pipes..

Urban Furniture

We attach “your brand” into the spirit of the city by transforming designs that suitable for the structure and the needs of the city, into products..


We produce closed-circuit, video-broadcasting LED screens in desired sizes and quantities..

Side Plating

We use composite cladding for flawless exteriors. A special product with countless advantages..

Vehicle Wrapping

We provide passenger car and flatbed vehicle applications. This application is generally used more actively by corporate companies..


İzmir Açıkhava Reklam

Why us?

İAR – As “İzmir Açıkhava Reklam”; we aim to work with ethical trade, unconditional customer satisfaction, reliability, stability, quality products and workmanship, timely and complete work delivery, and always working with strong and qualified teams.

  • We use raw materials and energy resources correctly and economically in a professional manner.
  • We contribute to recycling by sorting waste to keep environment clean and safe.
  • We carry out our productions with minimum waste and maximum performance.
  • We always expect our employees to act with environmental awareness not only in İzmir Açıkhava Reklam’s workplaces, but also wherever they live, and we want them to be a part of it.

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